Juneathon Day 15

Day 15 saw a select group of determined individuals successfully reach the halfway point of the Juneathon challenge.

At times sticking with the Juneathon challenge has been difficult. Reading other Juneathon blogs has made me realise that my life is pretty dull at the moment. Once I’ve completed my thesis corrections and all of the associated work, I’ll be in a position to move on. I can’t bloody wait!!

Although I didn’t run, I did get some exercise in the form of walking the mile or so to the local shops. In the afternoon I completed another 30 minute stair workout as I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t sat at my desk all day.

I’m hoping that climbing into the loft to locate some more summer running gear counts as a form of exercise…

Tomorrow I WILL run. I don’t know when, I don’t know how far, and I don’t know where but I WILL make sure that I run!


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