Juneathon Day 16

My morning was spent analysing river flow data and writing up my conference paper. After spending four hours sat at my desk, I decided that heading out for a lunchtime run would be a great idea.

When it’s a warm and high pollen count combination kind of day, my asthma likes to make itself known.  Although yesterday was one of those days, I was determined not to let my asthma control me. Paula Radcliffe, one of my running heroines, has exercise-induced asthma.  Enough said!

I really enjoyed running in the warm. I made sure that I didn’t do my usual trick of setting off far too quickly. I had ambitions of getting around my 2-mile route without taking a walking break, unfortunately I had to stop and wait before I could cross the main road. Once my rhythm had been broken, I noticed how warm I was and found it difficult to get going again #excuses

When I eventually managed to add my run to Strava, I discovered that the final kilometre spilt was by far the slowest. I also discovered a ‘Matched Runs’ feature I hadn’t seen before; apparently I am getting slightly faster.


Some context… my warm lunchtime run on Day 16 of Juneathon took 19 minutes and 32 seconds. I used to be able to run the same course in under 14 minutes. Injuries suck!

And finally… if you want to take numerous pre-training run, mid-training run and post-training run photos then please take them. As an alternative way of trying to measure the increases in my fitness, I always take a Larry the Lobster selfie after each run. My theory is that as I get fitter I’ll look less like a lobster!

So be proud of your running; share your photos on social media. They are your photos so do what you want with them. Be proud of your running achievements!

Cumulative Juneathon Distance 24.06km


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