Juneathon Day 3

The third day of my Juneathon challenge included a slightly overdue run. After a morning spent sat inside working on my thesis corrections, I was desperate to get outside for a run before lunch. I could see that the weather was perfect and I was determined to make the most of the English summer.

At midday I abandoned my thesis and located some summery running gear. I decided to be brave and wore shorts for the first time this year.

Thirty minutes and a quick warm-up later I was ready to run. Unfortunately my Garmin decided to take ages to locate some satellites. After making me stand around looking suspicious for 10 minutes (I was timing my loitering) my Garmin eventually decided it had made me suffer for long enough and started to function as a GPS. It was time to run.

As per usual the first 10 minutes felt really hard, my legs felt like lead, I had to constantly fight the urge to stop running. Once I had been running for 10 minutes, the C25K training plan had kindly scheduled a three minute walking break. While I was walking I noticed how warm it was, I’ve clearly got too used to running in the mornings when it’s cooler. The final 10 minutes felt a lot easier and I found myself increasing my pace towards the end of my run.

Juneathon 3

I enjoyed my C25K training session, particularly the running repetitions. My left foot was pain free, my right knee behaved itself and my breathing was fine. During my run I was reminded of just how lucky I am to live in Four Oaks. Although the whole area could only be described as undulating, the air feels clean and traffic is minimal.

Unfortunately my afternoon was spent inside staring at a computer screen and my evening in the university library. Luckily my thesis corrections are nearly complete as I urgently need to prepare my conference paper.

I’m already looking forward to day four of Juneathon.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 3.60 km


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