Juneathon Day 2

After failing to run on the first day, I was looking forward to running on the second day of Juneathon. Unfortunately a combination of real life and my dodgy left foot prevented me from running. As I didn’t want to fail the challenge on the second day, I decided to workout at home.

I’m seriously strapped for cash at the moment so have to get fit for free. Unfortunately, whereas in London there are dozens of free fitness classes and running groups, in Birmingham there are none. In my experience, in Birmingham you have to pay for every fitness class.

I consulted the Get fit for free guide on the NHS website and decided to attempt a 20-minute “stair session”. My stair session was simple (20 minutes of continuously walking up and down the stairs at home) but judging by how sweaty I was at the end, very effective.

Although I can tell that my quads actually did some work yesterday, my foot is feeling fine. I’m looking forward to completing my first Juneathon run. It would be rude not to run on National Running Day (I know this is the American logo)…



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