Juneathon Day 14: the one with some much-needed sleep, a run and a spot of admin

Good morning.  When this blog is published I will hopefully be en route to Wallingford. I am little disappointed I couldn’t make my local parkrun as I was invited to take part in a photo shoot. Hopefully there will be other opportunities. The people of Birmingham need to see my cheesy grin and double chin.

After a discussion with my line manager earlier this week – I haven’t taken much leave this year and quite honestly I need a break – I was told I could book Friday and Monday off. After a bit of a lie in, I got out of bed on day 14 of Juneathon feeling refreshed and ready for a productive day. Well that was the plan. Friday got off to a slightly surreal start when I opened the kitchen door and discovered that a baby blue tit had been trapped in the kitchen overnight. Trying to get the bird outside proved to be quite tricky, I hope it survives its ordeal.

I spent most of the morning tackling the mountain of washing that had built up, some housework and some blog related emails. I also attempted to progress a couple of my side hustles. Last month, I set myself the aim of making running self-sufficient. I’m making good progress towards the £140 I need to sign up for a Leadership in Running Fitness course.

Following what felt like a productive morning – so much for a relaxing day off – I decided to head out for a lunchtime run. I mistakenly thought Four Oaks would be reasonably quiet as the weather was grim. I was wrong and ended up playing dodge the pedestrian a few times. Still, it felt good to pull on my trainers. I just wish my right knee would behave itself.

I spent the afternoon working on a guest blog post, working on the seemingly never-ending academic paper I wrote with Geoff and catching up on Casualty and Holby City. I also plucked up the courage to take the swab sample I need for the DNAfitkit I bought myself. I now need to remember to put the sample in the post!

My Friday evening was what I’d describe as dull so I won’t waffle on any more. Tomorrow (well today!) has the potential to be quite emotional as I’m heading down to Wallingford to collect the rest of my belongings.

Random photos from Day 14

ENGvWI cricketSwab kit

Best thing spotted on the internet on Day 14

I found this interview with Paul Gardener really interesting and hope that you do too.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 16.5 km

Have you completed a Leadership in Running Fitness course? If you have, did you find it useful?

Would you find a blog about the results of my DNAfitkit interesting? I’m going to do my best to find the time to write up the results once I’ve worked out how to interpret them.


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