My week in running

I’ve decided to write a summary of what a typical week in running looks like for me at the moment. If you find these sort of posts boring then please feel free to stop reading. Although my running isn’t fast at the moment and my training is slightly erratic, I feel that I’m finally starting to make some progress.


First thing on Monday morning, it was a case of the morning after (the race before). Hello DOMS! My legs felt more niggly after my sub-60 10k attempt at the Hill West 10k than they did the Monday after the London Marathon. I promise that I’ll shut up about my sub-60 10k woes, for now. I decided to reunite myself with my foam roller and had a break from running. My coach once told me that rest days are the most important component of any training plan. I can do rest days.


I completed a 30 minute run-walk-run session around Four Oaks Estate.  The Four Oaks Estate is a great place to run because it is generally a quiet, heckle free zone. I started off slowly and gradually increased my pace during the running repetitions. My ability to run up hills is gradually improving. I need to make a (training) date with ‘Cardiac Hill’ before the Great Midlands Fun Run. I uploaded my run on to Strava and discovered I’d been awarded a PR for the uphill section I used to struggle to run up.


At the moment I’m trying to avoid running on consecutive days. As a veteran I feel that my body needs more time to recover than it did 10 years ago.  I’m also slightly paranoid I’ll get injured again. I decided to attempt to complete the ‘Dirty Dozen’ core routine Oiselle have shared here. I quickly discovered that I don’t actually seem to have any core muscles. I also finished reading ‘The Man Inside the Machine’ – the approved biography of multi-marathon runner Steve Edwards. One of Steve’s quotes really resonated with me:

“Self-belief is pivotal to success, trying no matter what others might say or think. Never underestimate your potential. Follow your dreams.”

I’m not very good at writing book reviews so I’m not going to try. I really enjoyed reading ‘The Man Inside the Machine’. If you see a copy, buy it.


My number for the Great Midlands Fun Run finally arrived. After I was allocated bib number 0001 last year, I made sure I wasn’t such an eager beaver when entries opened this year. My race entry tactics evidently didn’t work, I’ve been allocated bib number 0001 again. I get to pretend that I’m an elite runner again.

GMFRNot again!! 

I should have completed a 50 minute run-walk-run training session on Thursday. Unfortunately my stomach had other ideas. As I wasn’t willing to have an accident in public, I gave my trainers the day off. I’m sure that they were really grateful. On Thursday evening I spent a couple of hours creating a training plan for the summer, and for the period leading up to the Great Birmingham Run in October.


After somehow managing to turn my off my alarm in my sleep, I didn’t wake up until 08:30.  An epic fail. I spent the morning trying to work on my paper on rivers with artificially augmented low flows. My brain was feeling sluggish, and by 11:30 I knew that I had to get outside for a run. Some days I just have to run to clear my mind. I started my run slowly and then tried to speed up. When I got back I uploaded my run on to Strava and discovered that my efforts had been rewarded with a PB for one of my favourite lunchtime run routes. As an added bonus my Garmin also informed me that I’d grabbed myself a new mile PB.


I had originally planned to complete my 15th parkrun at Walsall Arboretum. Unfortunately, my right knee felt slightly crunchy when I did my morning stretches, so I gave parkrun a miss. I spent Saturday morning vacuuming, not quite as enjoyable as running but it needed doing. I spent the afternoon analysing river flow data and trying to remember how to use SPSS Statistics. In the evening I made a start on one of my charity shop bargain book purchases; ‘Everything Will Work Out in the Long Run’ written by Dave Urwin.


I woke up at a respectable time and decided to head out for a run while the sun was shining. As I knew that Four Oaks would be quiet, I decided to test out some of my shorter shorts. Once again I started my run at a sensible pace that I knew I could maintain. My knee was behaving itself, so when I reached 5k feeling great, I decided to complete another 5k. My right hip started to seize up, and my lack of fitness was really noticeable towards the end of the run. I got back and knocked back a glass of banana flavoured milkshake.

Emma the beetroot is back! I did some stretches, uploaded my run onto Strava and discovered I’d completed my third fastest 10k. I’ve still got some way to go to achieve a sub-60.

Next week, if my knee and hip behave, I’m hoping to run on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (parkrun) and Sunday. As I’m aware that reading about other people’s training can be dull, I won’t be writing another ‘week in running’ post until I start my half marathon training later this year.

Have you ever been allocated bib number 0001 in a race?

Have you read any good running books recently?


9 thoughts on “My week in running

  1. Helen says:

    I’ve just been sent Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon book to review…I’m hoping it’ll magically make me less lazy for October.

    I have always wanted to be allocated bib 0001! I’m a little bit jealous. Shorts look great by the way.


    • Emma says:

      You aren’t lazy! Hal Higdon’s training plans are awesome. We could support each other during our training. The Great Brum Run is also in October. I was also allocated bib 0001 last year and was heckled throughout the last two miles. I’m prepared for the hecklers this year! The shorts only look fine when I’m not running!


  2. Laura says:

    I look very beetrooty after a run, too. Always a good thing – proves we work hard!

    I’ve just read No Run Intended by Hannah Phillips. I met her at the Running Awards last month, and since she’s from my part of the world I decided to give the book a go. It’s a quick read, very conversational, and tells the story of how she went from a non-runner to running the London Marathon.


    • Emma says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my latest blog post. I’m seriously thinking about renaming my blog either the Beetroot Runner or Emma the Beetroot! Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ve added No Run Intended to my list of books to buy. I love reading books that cover the journey from non-runner to marathon runner.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Emma says:

      Last year, when I also wore the number 1 bib, a few people told me I had to win. I came 4038th! I also had random people asking me if I was a super speedy runner. I told them I was just super speedy at entering races. The only not so positive comments/heckles were made by drunk blokes standing outside the local pub. I’ve got my responses planned this time!

      Liked by 1 person

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