May review

I’m pretty certain that May only lasted a week. Time really does fly when you’re having fun when you get older. Regular readers of my blog (thank you so much) know that I like to produce a summary of my training at the end of each month. I also share some of my personal experiences as a small and not very successful influential running blogger.

What worked well? What (if there were any) were my running related achievements? What would I do differently given the opportunity? I then like to look ahead to the new month.

Recovering after the marathon

A week after the London Marathon, I was back outside pounding the pavements of Four Oaks. It was my birthday so I needed to run. I was fully recovered and it felt great to be running. Not having to follow a training plan was great and I focused on running shorter distances. On May 15th I completed the Hill West 10k, yet another challenging event in Sutton Park. I had originally aimed to complete the 10k without walking. Unfortunately, I was beaten by some evil hills. I’m still searching for a sub-60 minute 10k.


According to my Strava stats #StravaWanker during May I completed 12 runs covering an approximate distance of 66 km. It was great to get some sort of consistency back. I didn’t make it to my local parkrun. A sub-25 5k remains another target.

Running costs

I just got excited for a second. I thought that I’d managed to avoid spending any money on my running addiction during May. I then remembered that I entered the 2017 Market Drayton 10k (£17). The race sold out in less than 24 hours. Impressive!

Blogging experiences

Last month was positive, this month was not so positive. When I read posts on Farcebook, I sometimes feel I’m the only blogger who doesn’t receive invites to events and products to review. This doesn’t do much for my already low self-esteem. Then I remember that there is more to blogging than free stuff and I stop worrying. Comparison really is the thief of joy… Some of my blog posts can’t be that rubbish as I’ve had a couple of brands asking if they can publish my waffle.

Looking forward to June

On Sunday I get to pretend that I’m an elite runner in the Great Midlands Fun Run. I’m hoping to improve on last year’s terrible performance. I’ve entered a couple of 10k events in June, so I might finally get a sub-60 minute 10k. I seem to say this every month, but I would also love to make it to parkrun. Hopefully my friend will be slightly more reliable in June…

I want to continue to combine running 3-4 times a week with cross training. The Dirty Dozen Oiselle core routine is really, really challenging but very effective. Finally, I want to improve my diet and eating habits. I weighed myself this morning and didn’t like what I saw (76.4 kg).

After Kenyan Hills

I love the summer because I get to look like a beetroot and wear my running skirts.

Here’s to a positive June.

Do you have any races planned for June?


14 thoughts on “May review

  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    Good luck with your 10k! You’ll get sub 60 soon I am sure.
    I don’t sim for pbs in the summer as I don’t run well in the heat. I’m volunteering more than running at parkrun ( and tail running) as I don’t like running 5ks in the heat. I do have a 10k, 10 mile and two evening 5 mile events in the summer but none will be my quickest, just for fun!


    • Emma says:

      Thanks Maria! I think that I just need to learn how to push myself slightly more when I running. At the moment I tend to slow down or even walk as soon as I start to feel tired. I’ve turned into a slightly lazy runner. I need to plan some volunteering sessions at my local parkrun. It’s hard planning ahead with my unreliable parkrun lift. Once I’m in a position to buy my own car I’ll be making parkrun a regular weekend event. Although I’m fine running in the heat, I do tend to set off far too quickly and then struggle. It’s strange, I can go from not feeling remotely warm, to feeling like I’m about to die (possible exaggeration) in a really short space of time. Your summer racing calendar sounds very sensible as does running for enjoyment. If I come away with either a 5k or 10k target time I’ll be over the moon, if I don’t I’ll look back to the summer I couldn’t run because of my stress fracture.


  2. Helen says:

    Right, I’ll try posting again!

    Good luck with the sub-60. That was my goal for summer, but I’m not feeling I can at the moment as I’m in a huge rut. So instead I’ll be motivated and inspired when you smash it:)

    Or let’s find a race and you can drag me round it!

    And I love your blog. It’s a good read and it’s honest. I do have a balance of sponsored posts and reviews, but I also try really hard to think of unique content as well. I want to be real. You’re real and you’re awesome.


    • Emma says:

      Knowing me I’ll be back in another running rut in a couple of week’s time. I’m making the most of my relatively pain-free knee. I have a confession… if you look at the squiggles my running routes have produced; you might be able to see that I’ve been trying to draw animals. Yes it’s slightly immature but seeing if I can draw dogs is keeping me motivated!

      I’m not convinced I’ll get a sub-60 at any of the events I’ve entered this summer. The Aldridge 10k is hilly, and the Race for Life in Sutton Park is two laps of the most challenging hill in the park. The next flat(ish) local event for me will be the Lichfield 10k in the autumn. Are you doing the British 10k? I’ve heard that the course is good for PBs (if you can start near the front).

      Your blog is a great mixture of sponsored posts, race reports and reviews and unique content. You are real, never forget that! I think there are so many blogs out there now it’s hard to be completely unique. I was about to publish a post on running now versus when I started running again 10+ years ago, when I saw someone else had written something similar. I do want to write something about ‘comparison is the thief of joy’.

      I’ve got so much to say on here but don’t have the balls to say it. For example, I’ve drafted out a post on ‘the reality of running’ where I discuss the responsibilities of bloggers as influencers and brand ambassadors, and the potential consequences of only sharing perfect running photos online.


      • Helen says:

        See, I think that would be a really interesting read. Controversial? Perhaps, but it’s definitely food for thought. Publish it!

        I am doing the 10k…I’ve been informed that it’s improved – I wrote a rather poor review of it a couple of years back so I thought it would be interesting to compare and see if this is actually the case, plus another website I work for want it covered! You’d need to start up at the front though and I nearly got shoved over last time.


      • Emma says:

        I might publish it later on this month; I just need to finish writing the slightly controversial academic paper I’m working on at the moment.
        The British 10k has had a terrible reputation for a number of years; it will be interesting to see if it has improved. Sharpen your elbows and start near the front! I’m so sad I’ve already decided that I’m going to start at the front of the Race for Life event I’ve entered. The first kilometre is all downhill and I don’t want to get stuck behind groups of people walking.


  3. wanderwolf says:

    Ha ha! Your runs look like yoga poses. 🙂 The two in the bottom left look like a unicorn. I really like that Strava function, and thanks for sharing your monthly recap.
    Don’t fall into the comparison trap!–neither as a runner, nor as a blogger. I love to read your blog and you are successful and influential for those people you reach. Sure, some people reach more than you feel you do, but at the end of the day, all our lives are only touched by a certain number of people, and for me and a lot of others, you’re one of them.
    Here’s to a positive June, and lots of beetroot runs! (you can add losing two Liters of water in sweat to my list of what makes summer running “enjoyable”)
    Good luck at the 10Ks!


    • Emma says:

      I hadn’t noticed, but some of them do look like yoga poses. My June challenge is to create a giraffe! I need to think of some new routes.
      I’ve always been terrible at comparing myself with others. At 37 I should really know better! Thanks for the lovely comment about my blog; it’s great that some people read my random waffle.
      Here’s to a positive June for both of us. It was so cold today I was shivering rather than sweating after my run. I’ve got everything crossed that the weather improves as it’s meant to be summer.
      My main target is to enjoy my running this summer. If I get a sub-60 minute 10k then that’s just a bonus.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. AnnaTheApple says:

    Good luck with the sub-60 10k, you’ll get there! 🙂
    And yeah when I look at some other (usually American it must be said) blogs (or Instagram accounts for that matter as well) I wonder how the hell they have so many followers when a lot of what they write is either sponsored content or drivel. So I try not to compare!
    I have no races for June (well, potentially none as I’m trying to be sensible with a slightly niggly hamstring. Definitely no races I’m actually racing anyway) but Chester marathon in October. So a while off yet!


    • Emma says:

      Thanks Anna! That sub-60 10k will be mine. I’ve just been reading some American running blogs and some of the popular (well they have a lot of followers) blogs do seem to contain sponsored post after sponsored post. Hopefully UK bloggers will resist the temptation to become what must be a cheap form of advertising. I’m sorry to read about your hamstring issues, being injured is a PITA. Fingers crossed you get it sorted in time for Chester. I’m making the most of not having any significant niggles at the moment. I’m sure given my wonkiness my next injury will soon make an appearance.


  5. Laura says:

    Those running map/route images are great! I bet they’d look good turned into a poster and framed.

    I have my first ever event in June. A charity colour run next Sunday. I’m really looking forward to it – there’s no pressure because it’s a fun run, not a timed race. I don’t know that I’d be up for a timed one just now!

    Good luck with your June 10ks!


    • Emma says:

      Thanks Laura! I’ll definitely be ordering a poster of all of my runs at the end of the year. It will be something to hang in the bathroom… I hope that you really enjoy your first event on Sunday. Although I’ve never actually run in a colour run, they do sound like great fun. Perfect for a first event. Perhaps I need to take the pressure off and run in an untimed event!


  6. Laura says:

    Thanks! I hear they’re good, and there’s a BBQ after this one! 😉
    Untimed is just what I need at the moment. Sometimes even parkrun is too much pressure for me!


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