November review

My least favourite month – November – lasted for what felt like months. As I said last month, I’m not a huge fan of the dark evenings, and I’m looking forward to getting the shortest day out of the way in December. Moving on… As you know, I’ve been producing monthly summaries of my training since the beginning of 2016. I’ve also shared some of my experiences as a running blogger currently based in Four Oaks, Birmingham.

What worked well? What – if any – were my running related achievements? What would I do differently given the opportunity? I then like to look ahead to the new month.

Sh*t literally happens 

After finally moving on from my Great Birmingham Run disappointment, I was really looking forward to getting back into some sort of running routine, and starting my training for the Cambridge Half in March. I went for an enjoyable run on Sunday 6th November and felt great – my running mojo had made a welcome return. Unfortunately, less than 12 hours later I started to feel unwell. Thanks to norovirus I was unable to run for almost two weeks.

So although November was a bit of a disappointment from a running perspective, I managed to complete the first couple of weeks of my Cambridge Half training plan.


According to my Strava statistics I completed six training runs during November, covering a distance of approximately 18 kilometres. At least I was very well rested and niggle-free at the start of my latest training cycle 😉

Running costs

November was a cheap month! Yesterday, I treated myself to a fleece (£26) and a running top (£10) in the Long Tall Sally sale. I also sold some of my unwanted running gear on eBay, including the reflective H&M running jacket that had been gathering dust for two years.

Blogging experiences

Once again, my blogging mojo was slightly intermittent. I was really looking forward to running and then reviewing my local MoRunning race in Sutton Park. Unfortunately, I was too unwell to make it to the start line. Even attempting to run was completely out of the question. I might rename this blog ‘The DNS Runner’.

I’ve now hopefully got my blogging arse into gear, and have made a list of blog posts and reviews I need to publish during December.

Looking forward to December

Now that I’ve *fingers crossed* had my share of winter bugs, I’m looking forward to cracking on with my Cambridge Half marathon training.

photoPerfect running conditions. Unfortunately, just walking up this hill left me feeling exhausted! 

I’m also looking forward to spending December working in retail and to spending time with my family and friends during Christmas. I just need to avoid spending all of the extra money I’m earning on Christmas presents for me!

How many races have you DNS this year? As I’d rather DNS than DNF, I’ve not made it to the start of four races.

Do you have any running or fitness related items on your Christmas wish list? I’d love either a Fitbit Charge 2 or Surge for Christmas.


5 thoughts on “November review

  1. wanderwolf says:

    I did not start three races this year, which is a new record for me.
    Also, all I want for Christmas are some warm running clothes, since I have one pair of thermal running tights and five days a week I’d like to run.
    Hope you stay healthy! Enjoy the start of a new cycle.


    • Emma says:

      Thanks wanderwolf. Hopefully you won’t be breaking your DNS record in 2017! Since writing my November review I’ve given my Christmas “wish list” a lot of thought. I’m in the process of writing a blog post in the hope that it will inspire my family. If other runners find some of my more random selections useful then that’s an added bonus. I’m hoping that I’ve now had my share of coughs, colds and bugs for this winter. Fingers crossed you stay healthy this winter.

      Liked by 1 person

      • wanderwolf says:

        I’ll try! Though so far, it’s not looking so great. I have something wrong with my foot that may prevent me from starting in my race on New Year’s Eve, but it’s not so bad as long as I’m otherwise healthy and my family is healthy.
        A happy and healthy new year is what I wish for you, too!


  2. AnnaTheApple says:

    Yep I had to DNS at a half marathon in November and I’m *still* not running. So frustrating but such is life. I wouldn’t mind so much but I have a marathon in Feb! It’s annoying because I actually wouldn’t mind not running at the moment as I’m enjoying the gym but this marathon isn’t one I can have a DNS at as it’s so bloody expensive and it’s been paid for!
    Anyway sorry to hear you had a DNS as well. Being ill sucks 😦


    • Emma says:

      Being injured definitely sucks a million more times than being ill. As an injury-prone runner with a stupidly long list of stupid injuries and expensive race DNS I feel your pain (quite literally as my shins are not very happy at the moment). Even with limited training, I am confident that you will still have a positive marathon experience in Tokyo in February. I’d be treating it as a holiday with a marathon included as a bonus. Have you considered as assessment at ‘The Running School’? I’m getting so fed up with local sports physios who only seem to want to treat my injuries, I’m seriously considering investing in a detailed biomechanical and running assessment.


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