XMiles monthly nutrition box review

Last month, while I was researching a number of energy gel brands and flavours, I stumbled across the XMiles endurance and sports nutrition website.


What is XMiles?

XMiles is a “…vibrant young company formed by runners focused on nutrition products”. The company was launched in October 2014 and in December 2015 XMiles UK Ltd was founded.

As an independent endurance sports nutrition store, XMiles aims to “…support and be active in the running community.”

Now although I’m definitely not an endurance athlete, after the Great Birmingham Run I’m acutely aware that I need to find out if my temperamental digestive system can cope with energy gels.


As I result I treated (?) myself to the XMiles November nutrition box (£13.99 and £2.95 P&P). Unfortunately, a couple of days later got struck down with norovirus. When the nutrition box arrived I felt so unwell, I decided to delay opening the box until I felt fully recovered.

So what’s in the November nutrition box?

As I don’t get out much at the moment, when I finally got around to opening my XMiles November nutrition box, I was really, really excited.

Upon opening the box – I think that it’s definitely worth noting that the box should fit through a standard letterbox – I spotted a handwritten postcard and some rather exciting looking goodies…


So what was actually included in the XMiles November nutrition box? As I don’t want to write an essay, I’ve listed what was included:

  • Truestart – 5 single sachets of performance coffee
  • Clif Shot Gels – one Razz flavour 37G energy gel
  • Torq Energy Gel – one limited special edition Adnams ‘Ghost Ship Ale’ energy gel
  • Torq Energy Bar – one Raspberry and Apple flavour 45G energy bar
  • Tailwind Nutrition – one Green Tea Buzz flavour two serving stickpack
  • Saltstick Fastchews – one tube of Tart Orange flavour chewable electrolyte tablets
  • Sports Beans – one 28G pack of assorted sports beans with electrolytes
  • Mule Bare Energy Bars – one Peanut Punch flavour 40G energy bar

As I have a nut allergy and can’t stand the taste of coffee, I won’t be able to test a couple of these products. I will, however, be testing out the rest of the products during my Cambridge Half Marathon training. I’m particularly looking forward to finding out what the ‘Ghost Ship Ale’ energy gel actually tastes like!

What are the subscription options and prices?

Now that I’ve very briefly reviewed the contents of the XMiles monthly nutrition box, I need to answer a really important question:

How much do the XMiles monthly nutrition boxes cost?

Subscription boxes can be quite expensive to purchase every month. I personally couldn’t afford to sign up to a regular subscription at the moment even if I wanted to. The option to purchase a nutrition box as a one-off treat is, therefore, a great idea.

A monthly subscription costs £12.59 (this price includes a 10 per cent ‘subscribe and save’ discount) plus P&P.

A one-time purchase costs £13.99 plus P&P.

The Verdict

A major concern that I have with subscription boxes is that the items included in the box aren’t actually worth the cost of the subscription.


I quickly calculated the value of the items included in the November XMiles nutrition box using prices I found online, and found that the contents of the box are worth more or less the same as the subscription which is reassuring.

In my opinion, charging £2.95 for P&P when the actual postage cost was only £1.54 was a perhaps a little excessive. I was also slightly disappointed to receive five identical sachets of performance coffee, with subscription boxes variety is the key to success.

All in all, I would be happy to recommend XMiles to other runners, and can’t wait to test out the contents of the box.

If you would like to find out more about XMiles and the wide range of products they stock – they sell nuun hydration tabs – take a look at their website.

**Full disclosure: I purchased the November XMiles nutrition box myself. I was not asked to review the nutrition box, and have not received any payment for this review. As always, all opinions, typos and dodgy photographs are my own**


7 thoughts on “XMiles monthly nutrition box review

    • Emma says:

      I made my non-running friend a cup of ‘performance’ coffee. It definitely didn’t make him feel more energised! I’ll make sure that I pass the peanut energy bar onto a running friend. Given that the vast majority of energy bars appear to contain nuts, I wish I didn’t have a nut allergy.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. AnnaTheApple says:

    Ah that’s a shame about you having a nut allergy and the coffee thing. Is there no way to say that preference when ordering? Seems a bit shortsighted of the company..
    I’ve had a few monthly subscription boxes and though I do enjoy getting them I wouldn’t do it monthly because I wouldn’t use the products enough. I rarely eat protein bars or seed things and when it comes to gels I buy as and when I need them – I only use them during marathons so I don’t need them that often. But it’s interesting to see what you got!


    • Emma says:

      Although I don’t think I was asked for preferences, I was probably being my usual unobservant self and failed to notice the option. Although I wasn’t too bothered about the nutty energy bar, I was slightly disappointed when I spotted five identical sachets of performance coffee. I’ve just looked at the contents of the December box – unlike with other monthly subscription boxes they aren’t kept as a surprise – and wish that I’d waited a month! Like you I definitely wouldn’t take out a regular subscription as I’d probably end up throwing away half of the products.


    • Emma says:

      Yes they definitely stock loads of different flavours and types of nuun tabs. I suspect that I originally found the XMiles site during my nuun search. I’m going to stock up on a few flavours before Christmas.


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