My running goals for 2017

Firstly, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Here’s to an awesome and hopefully injury-free 2017.

As – like loads of other runners – I’ve already reviewed 2016 in far too much detail  – I think it’s time for me to look ahead to the New Year and to set some goals for 2017.

Although I managed to achieve most of my 2016 running goals, I still eat far too much crap food and tend to ignore the strength and conditioning ‘personal action plan’ I was given 12 months ago. Therefore, if I had to award myself an overall grade for 2016 it would be a ‘B-‘.

I’ve decided to set myself some challenging but hopefully achievable running goals for 2017. Although I love writing out resolutions and goals, I wasn’t originally going to share them. However, as previously putting my running goals into writing appeared to motivate me to get off my arse, I decided to publish this post.

training-journalsPerhaps one of my goals should have been to take better photos…

Enough waffling, here are my running goals for the year ahead…

Run 700 miles – When I first drafted out my running goals I wanted to run 1000 miles this year. However, last year I only ran 700 kilometres or approximately 435 miles. As a result I’ve been sensible and have adjusted my annual mileage target, so that this year I’d like to run 700 miles, still quite an increase on my 2016 mileage. I’ve worked out that I will need to run approximately 58 miles a month or 2 miles a day.

Complete 10 parkruns and 10 races – I set myself the same goal last year and failed miserably. Last week I worked out that due to several ‘DNS’ and a ‘DNF’ I only managed to complete three parkruns and a handful of local races. As I currently have to rely on unreliable friends and public transport to travel to races, I suspect that I’ll find this goal more challenging than it probably should be.

A sub 8 minute mile – my current mile PB of 9:09 is from 2012 when I hobbled around an indoor athletics track with tight bends with a leg injury. I’d like to lower this time at some point this year, hopefully at the Westminster Mile in May.

A Sub 25 minute 5k – I set my current 5k PB of 26:49 last February. If I fail to run a sub 25 minute 5k at some point during 2017 I will retire from running. That is a promise.

parkrun-pbI want to receive a few more ‘Congratulations on setting a new Personal Best’ emails this year

A Sub 55 minute 10k – After it took me several attempts to run a sub 60 minute 10k last year, I suspect that I will find this particular goal the most challenging. I’ve already entered the hopefully flat and fast London 10,000, and will do my best to set out at a sensible pace at the end of May.

A Sub 2:20 half marathon – now that I’ve finally rediscovered my running mojo, training for the Cambridge Half in March is going well. The mistakes I made during the Great Birmingham Run taught me how not to pace a half marathon. I’d love to achieve this particular running goal in March.

Listen to my niggles – I’ve reached the conclusion that I’m quite an injury-prone runner… Some runners hardly even seem to pick up injuries; I’m definitely not one of those runners. As I don’t want to spend another extended period sulking on the injury bench, I’m going to listen to my niggles this year.

Join a new running club – This is quite a tricky one as there is nothing wrong with my current running club, I’m just far too slow to attend the training sessions at the moment. I also have no idea where I’ll be living and working in six months time. Although I’ve researched alternative local running clubs, I’ll probably become an ‘unattached’ runner for the first time in a decade at the end of March.

Be slightly more sociable – At the moment I tend to run on my own and I’ve turned into a bit of a running recluse. This year I’m determined to overcome my anxiety and to attend more social runs. I’m also planning on pushing myself out of my comfort zone by volunteering at a range of local events.

Don’t buy any unessential running gear – I set myself the same goal 12 months ago and failed spectacularly! Last month I sorted through all of my running gear, worked out exactly what bits and pieces of essential running gear I needed to replace and then bought what I needed in the sales. While I’m still on the hunt for a couple of sports bras, I don’t need to buy anything else.  


Have you set yourself any running goals for 2017? While some of these goals are quite challenging, I hope that they are all achievable…

Are you a member of a running club? If you are, how often do you attend club training sessions? There are now so many different social running groups, I’m starting to question if I actually need to join another running club.


8 thoughts on “My running goals for 2017

  1. Maria @runningcupcake says:

    I love my running club! I’ve only been a member for a couple of years, and have been running on my own for much longer, but I really love the support and the social side of it (and I’m not very sociable so that surprised me)- I run with them once a week. There is a Sunday morning run that I sometimes go to, but usually I just want to run from home, and it starts too far away so I’d need to drive there. Plus I like going out when I wake up and having Sunday as the one day where I don’t set an alarm.
    The mileage target seems realistic- good luck with it.


    • Emma says:

      I used to love my running club and would attend every training session. Unfortunately, as people have stopped running due to injury or have moved away to different areas, there haven’t been any new runners and the average speed of the training groups has increased. Due to my injuries and running breaks, I’ve got left behind! I do miss the social side of it! Luckily for me Good Gym is launching in Birmingham this month. I’ve already signed up. I’m hoping the mileage target is realistic; I log all my training on Fetch Everyone so have an idea of how I’m progressing mileage wise.


  2. Andreea Sandu says:

    Many of your goals are very similar to mine, although I didn’t really plan my year yet and I want to take one step at a time and only focus on whatever I can in each situation. A new parkrun PB would be awesome, considering my local one is very hilly and my current PB stands at 28:40. My next running event is the north london half and I’m hoping for a PB (current one is 2:14). Good luck and let’s review these at the end of the year!


    • Emma says:

      Thanks Andreea. Your one step at a time and only focusing on what you can achieve approach sounds far more sensible than my approach! Which parkrun is local local one? My local parkrun – Walsall Arboretum – is flat and fast so I can’t blame hills for my lack of parkrun PBs this year. I would love a sub 25 mins parkrun this year. Hopefully we’ll both get a parkrun PB in 2017. I’ve just followed your blog so I can see how you get on at the North London Half and throughout the rest of 2017. Good luck and here’s to a successful year of running!


  3. AnnaTheApple says:

    Your goals are great – and very tangible. A lot of goals can be a bit fluffy and hard to mark progress. But don’t stress too much about times and races. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – remember to enjoy running too 🙂 But that said, goals like yours are good to have to keep focus and motivation! I’m kind of the other end of the spectrum right now with not having any real goals… but I’m quite happy with that right now!


    • Emma says:

      Thanks Anna. I like to set myself achievable goals that will hopefully keep me motivated throughout the year. Although I can’t make any guarantees, I’ll try not to stress too much about times and races! Having said that, one of my goals should have been not to get stressed out about the possibility of not being able to run. Maybe injury-prone runners shouldn’t set running goals… Stupid niggles and injuries! I’m sitting here with a sore left foot thinking perhaps I should just forget setting PBs and just enjoy and make the most of every single run.


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