An interview, my birthday and a run

Last Friday I travelled up to Newcastle for a job interview. The 3+ hour train journey was entertaining as I was sharing the train carriage with a hen party. I had planned on doing some last minute interview preparation, but spent the majority of the train journey staring out of the window trying to work out where I was. Not very productive.

I arrived at Newcastle and quickly realised that I was virtually the only person in the station not in full on party mode.  I worked out the best route to the interview, bought some lunch and spent an hour people watching.  The interview itself didn’t go very well. The job I’d applied for was advertised as a technical role, after a couple of questions it became evident the role was anything but technical. I knew that I wasn’t the right person for the role. Irritating after I’d spent more than £100 on train tickets and couldn’t claim back any travel expenses.

I later discovered that I didn’t get the job. Hopefully my next interview will be slightly more positive.

I escaped, swapped my smart shoes for my trainers and walked along the River Tyne back towards the centre of Newcastle.  I was slightly underwhelmed when I spotted the Tyne Bridge. For some reason it looks massive whenever it’s shown during the Great North Run.IMG_3313

IMG_3315At least it didn’t rain…

As I’d bought the cheapest train tickets I could find, I had a long wait for my train back to Birmingham. I walked around the main shopping area and then headed back to wait in the relative safety of the train station.

The train back was busy but for some reason no one wanted to sit next to me. Perhaps I smelt really bad? I’ve no idea. By the time I got home I was shattered.

I had planned on going to Walsall parkrun the following morning, but I managed to sleep through my alarm clock.

It was my birthday on Monday and as an added bonus it was a Bank Holiday. It was also raining when I dragged myself out of bed at 7am.

I then did something I hadn’t been able to do since February. I pulled on some running gear and headed out for a run. Although my run was definitely more of a jog than a run, my troublesome heel behaved itself and I managed to plod along for a couple of miles without having to walk. I felt so good I could have probably run for 30 minutes but I was sensible and didn’t try to do too much.IMG_2609As I forgot to take a sweaty selfie after my birthday run, here’s one I took earlier.

A really positive start to my birthday.

Mum picked me up at midday treated me to a lovely lunch at Bistrot Pierre. After discovering that mussels didn’t feature on the menu, I opted for Steak-Frites and Crème brûlée. Although my steak was slightly overcooked and a little dry the Crème brûlée was amazing.

Unfortunately, I was a crap blogger and forgot to take any photos. Next time!

I spent the rest of my birthday feeling a little disappointed that I hadn’t seen the majority of my family or any of my close friends. My parents divorced when I was very young, and I very rarely see my father. My sister lives in Cheshire and my brother is busy renovating his house and also lives miles away. My friends are all married and have children and were sensibly making the most of the Bank Holiday weekend.

Apologies for the self-pitying, my birthday celebrations did improve the next day. I’ll share my experiences of Hythe in another post.

If you could go anywhere you wanted for your birthday, where would you go and what would you do? I’m rather demanding and would love to spend the day shopping in New York.

What’s your favourite meal? Mine is Moules-frites.


9 thoughts on “An interview, my birthday and a run

  1. wanderwolf says:

    Sorry about the job interview. Better luck at the next one!
    And happy birthday (belated)! You’re an April baby too. 🙂 No wonder I like you. I also celebrated on a smaller scale than I would have liked, and surprisingly without running! I was going to go to London for my birthday… but that’s still on the plan for sometime this year.
    Hope you have a nice weekend!


    • Emma says:

      Thanks! It was really annoying, especially after spending £100+ on train tickets and wasting a day. I knew straight away that the job wasn’t for me and that I wouldn’t get the job. It sounds terrible but I would have probably turned down the job if I had been offered it.


  2. Maria @runningcupcake says:

    Happy belated birthday!
    What a shame about the wasted journey- what a weird thing for them to do though as surely if they advertise it incorrectly they won’t get the right people applying?
    And hooray for the run! 🙂
    I mean, if travel time and jet lag was no option I would probably head off to Maui for my birthday- a run along the beach followed by breakfast with a sea view, and then a day relaxing and reading. Sounds good to me.


    • Emma says:

      Thanks Maria. I have a sneaky suspicion the job went to an internal candidate. I guess its all part of the job hunting game. As I worked for the same organisation before I started my PhD and I know they are trying to get to grips with a new recruitment system, I might provide some feedback, hopefully it will be constructive. I love the idea of spending 24 hours in Maui!


  3. AnnaTheApple says:

    Happy belated birthday! Sorry about the interview. Though it sounds like it wasn’t exactly what you were expecting anyway…
    Hmmm I’d probably go somewhere where there was good food! Not sure, maybe New York or a BBQ place in America. To be honest, I’m easily pleased as long as there’s nice food 😉


    • Emma says:

      The interview definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. I braced myself for a really challenging technical question, what followed was a question anyone with a basic understanding of data interpretation could have answered. All part of the job hunting process… This has reminded me I need to chase them up for some feedback. I went to a really good BBQ place when I spent a week in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I’ll have to find the menu I ‘acquired’ while I was there.


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