A quiet but productive weekend

I hope that everyone had a relaxing weekend. Although the weather was rubbish in Four Oaks on Saturday, the sun finally made a welcome appearance yesterday.

I had a really, really quiet weekend. I think that sometimes it’s important to chill out and do very little. I allowed myself two days off from job hunting, and now feel mentally refreshed and ready to tackle my next load of job applications.

I’m looking after my friend’s house this week so spent most of Saturday morning cleaning two houses. I was left with strict instructions to “eat whatever I want…” so I ate far too much. As an added ‘bonus’ my friend has Sky TV. This meant that I spent several hours on Saturday watching cricket and athletics.

Slightly unrelated, but I love how Nike have kitted out gold medallists from Rio in different gear to the rest of their sponsored athletes. Even the famous Nike swoosh is gold.Diamond League 1


On Saturday evening I switched on BBC1 ready for my weekly Casualty fix.  I know that I’m sad but I’m easily pleased and love both Casualty and Holby City. As you can imagine I was horrified to discover that Eurovision had replaced Casualty. Devastating! Hopefully Holby City won’t be cancelled on Tuesday evening…

Yesterday morning mum called round for a quick coffee and chat. She is meant to be having her fifth and hopefully final operation on a dodgy vein in her thigh this morning. I just hope that the recent cyber-attack doesn’t result in her operation being cancelled for a third time.

Before lunch I caught up on some slightly overdue blogmin (blog related admin) and worked my way through the ‘birthday cake for one’ my brother had given me earlier in the week.Birthday cake for 1Although it tasted amazing, I’m not sure eating the whole thing in one sitting was sensible. My lack of common sense continued when I decided that the best time to work through my strength and conditioning routine was straight after eating too much cake.

I also included a few of my ‘favourite’ Plantar Fasciitis stretches just to ensure that I made myself feel nauseous.  PF stretches


After a quick two hour nap I spent an hour gardening and then headed out for a quick walk around the top end of Sutton Park. I had originally planned on going for a run yesterday but my left calf was still feeling sore and I didn’t want to risk yet another injury.

I spent the evening cooking, drafting out a couple of blog posts, packaging up my eBay sales, writing my ‘things to do list’ for the week ahead and relaxing. I definitely feel ready for the week ahead now.

So apologies for sharing this rather dull post. Not all weekends are exciting but then that’s life. I only wrote this post as I think it’s important to highlight the fact it is okay to be boring and to chill out from time to time. It’s all about balance.

Did you have an enjoyable weekend?

Do you like to have the occasional quiet and relaxed weekend?         


9 thoughts on “A quiet but productive weekend

  1. wanderwolf says:

    I wish you all the best in your applications, and that you get a few more interviews and some good news soon!
    Also, quiet weekends are sometimes very good for the mind and soul. And free SkyTV seems like a great excuse to watch some sports. 🙂


    • Emma says:

      Thanks, I’m just taking a quick break from completing another job application. The job I applied for and was unsuccessful at the application stage has been advertised again. I may as well improve my application and try again; I’ve got nothing to lose. Quiet weekends are good in moderation although I’m already missing Sky Sports!

      Liked by 1 person

      • wanderwolf says:

        Might as well apply again! I would. Actually, the scholarship I got is one I applied for last year and was rejected, But one always learns something in the meantime, and is smarter in round two. Good luck!


  2. AnnaTheApple says:

    I love a weekend of “getting stuff done”. My weekend was fairly uneventful but not full of the usual stuff I have to do when I’m at my flat, like cleaning the bathroom and hoovering. Instead I could relax a bit more at my parent’s (they’re that middle class that they have a cleaner).
    That cake looks amazing – was it a regular sized cake!? I’m impressed if you ate it all in one sitting if it was. If it was a mini cake than that’s entirely acceptable. I scoff when those mini cakes in supermarkets say “serves 8” and I’m like “what, 8 tiny children??”. It wouldn’t even survive being sliced 8 times let alone serving 8!


    • Emma says:

      I’d love to have a cleaner. Hopefully one day I’ll be like my mother and spend hours cleaning before the cleaner arrives. At the moment I’m having to clean my friend’s house as well as my own, it’s given me even more respect for cleaners. It was a mini cake apparently large enough for four people, not a chance. A bit like those sharing platters that are so small I order one just for me.


  3. Maria @ Maria Runs says:

    I love a weekend like this- I am sure my grumpiness from last weekend was down in part to being out of the house most of Sunday- it felt like the house was a mess and I hadn’t sorted out my post or put any washing away. This weekend was much better- like you say maybe a bit boring from the outside but satisfying and much needed.


    • Emma says:

      My quiet weekend definitely meant that I started the week feeling relaxed and on top of my ‘things to do’ list. I can’t cope with living in a messy house and get quite stressed when I let household chores get on top of me. Here’s to another slightly boring (I’m just taking a break from filling in an application form) but hopefully productive weekend.


  4. paddlepedalpace says:

    I had a quiet one too, Glen was away on a stag weekend so I was home alone all weekend. Just caught up on some jobs and stuff around the house. I know how draining job searching is- I’ve been looking for quite a while- hope you find something soon.


    • Emma says:

      Job searching is so draining and at times, demoralising. I’ve just been notified that a job I didn’t get an interview for has been advertised again with a slightly different job description. I guess I’ll be spending most of my weekend working on an improved set of answers to yet more technical competency questions. I hope that you have a great weekend and fingers crossed you find an amazing job soon. I keep telling myself that every ‘no’ gets me closer to my dream job.


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