Rants and raves #20

**Disclaimer: I’m writing my latest selection of rants and raves after spending the majority of last week unable to use my computer. Not ideal when I need to use my computer to search and apply for jobs. Now that my vision has more or less returned to normal, I’m catching up on all of my favourite blogs. As always all moans and groans and rants and raves represent my own views. Other (far superior) and less opinionated running blogs are available**

Rave: Women’s Running Magazine

I used to subscribe to Women’s Running Magazine but cancelled my subscription when the contents became really repetitive. Recently, my train to London was delayed (again) so I found myself killing time in WH Smith. While most of the running magazines didn’t make me want to part with my cash, for some reason Women’s Running magazine caught my eye. I parted with my £4 and got on my train.Womens Running MagazineI’m not going to attempt to review the entire magazine, but its contents – I didn’t realise it was a special trail issue – kept me occupied as far as Watford Junction. Not bad for someone with the attention span of a fly. I loved the interviews with Susie Chan, Cat Simpson, Tish Joyce and Mimi Anderson and found the 10k hints and tips quite useful. I wasn’t quite so keen on all the adverts but assume that the magazine wouldn’t survive without them. And as for the expensive kit recommendations. I don’t think I could ever justify spending £75 on a t-shirt.

Rant: Spiders and snails

While I’m not generally scared of spiders, a few have tested me recently. Last Sunday, I was about to fall asleep when I felt something walk across my face. I switched my bedroom light on and discovered that it was a massive spider. I exterminated the spider using my PhD thesis. I felt guilty afterwards, but there was no way I was going to get any sleep with a spider strolling around my bedroom.

I’ve got nothing against snails, but why do they take such pleasure in getting under my feet? If I was a snail I don’t think I’d loiter in the middle of the pavement. I’ve lost count of the number of snails I’ve accidentally murdered this year.

Rave: Find a Race website

I was recently contacted by the founder of a new event listing site – Find a Race – which covers the whole range of races from local 5K runs to multi-sport, multi-day epics.Find a RaceI had a quick look around the site, liked how easy the site was to navigate so decided to include it as a rave.

Rant: Expensive race photos

Last year, one of the major positives of the Lichfield 10K was the provision of free digital downloads of the official race photos. Unfortunately, this year the official race photographer is charging £12.60 for a single digital download. No chance!Race PhotoThis race photo is probably blurry, it’s difficult to tell from the tiny preview photo.

I get that cameras etc are very expensive and it takes time to sort and organise race photos, but surely it would make more sense to reduce your prices a little so you actually sell a few photos? I quite like the concept of bibsnapper and would love to see more people uploading and selling race photos.

Rant: Migraines

The majority of last week was a write-off. I felt fine on Monday, got through my interview on Tuesday and then woke up with a migraine on Wednesday. At one stage I felt so peaky I couldn’t even get out of bed. The blurred vision and flashing lights were particularly disconcerting.


As I don’t want a repeat of last week, I’m now avoiding spending hours staring at my computer screen and am making a more effort to wear my specs when I’m watching the TV.

Rave: Sutton Runner

I think it’s about time I mentioned my local specialist running shop; Sutton Runner on my blog. I spent an enjoyable 45 minutes in Sutton Runner with my friend last week. The member of staff who was looking after my friend was incredibly patient, and was more than happy to answer the random questions my friend insisted on asking. I’m looking forward to returning to the store when my friend calls in to collect the trainers he selected last week.

Rant: eBay

Although I love eBay and enjoy selling my unwanted junk, I’ve had a few issues recently.  I’ve had people who have taken over a week to pay. When I buy bits and pieces on eBay I pay straight away and don’t understand why other people don’t. I hate having to chase people for money and find sending “do you still want item x” messages quite stressful. Having to make multiple trips to the local Post Office is also a bit of a pain.


Last week, after I’d received and responded to the sixth message asking questions about a rare book I was selling, I actually asked someone to stop contacting me. I’ve now blocked the person in question and relisted the book. Seriously though, read the description! Also, don’t offer a seller £5 for a book that is virtually impossible to find and can sell for as much as £50.

Once again, if you’ve reached the end of my latest random selection of rants and raves, then thank-you!

What is the most amount of money you’d be willing to pay for a race photo?

Have you ever had any bad experiences selling on eBay?


6 thoughts on “Rants and raves #20

  1. AnnaTheApple says:

    I think it’s technically manslaughter to accidentally murder hehe! I’m so glad I have Alfie sleeping on my bed – the thought of a spider anywhere near me when I’m sleeping TERRIFIES me.
    I would much prefer to spend more money on the race entry and some of that going to the photographer than spending a fortune on ONE photo. There must be a better way to do this.
    Don’t get me started on eBay. I sold a handbag and the person cancelled their PayPal payment and now claims they’ve paid me. I’m owed over £70. I’ve raised a case in eBay but nothing seems to happen!! I don’t know what to do.


    • Emma says:

      I’ve murdered a few spiders now; I can’t cope with the thought of them walking near me when I’m asleep. My cat used to be great at killing spiders, now she’s a bit older she doesn’t seem to bother.
      I love the idea of race entries costing a little more with some of the money going to the race photographer. I guess races won’t do that as people would complain if the photographer didn’t manage to take any photos of them running.
      eBay is a nightmare at the moment. I hope you managed to resolve the lying handbag buyer. I think the only way you’d get your money back is via PayPal as eBay are a waste of time and always tend to side with the buyer rather than the seller.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Emma says:

      I’ve bought some of my official London Marathons, but wouldn’t splash the cash on photos of me pulling strange faces half way through a 10K. My selfies never turn out and I’m so scared I’ll drop my phone I tend to take a couple of photos at the end of my runs.


  2. Maria @ Maria Runs says:

    I don’t think I have ever bought a race photo. If there was a really nice one and it was a special race I might be tempted, but usually I am hidden by a tall person running in front of me, or the photo looks like I am walking. The London 10 mile I did had free photos which was fab, although I think I was only in one picture. I did a selfie at the finish instead!
    Magazines are so annoying- I used to subscribe to a few but after a while the articles are the same. Although I have a free sub to WR at the moment (from marshaling a race). Actually, I love Like The Wind magazine, which is more like a book as it’s a collection of articles- their tag line is why we run, not how to run, or something like that. More interesting.


    • Emma says:

      When I took part in races most weekends ten years ago, I used to buy virtually all of my race photos. Local races seemed to find race photographers who only charged £5 per photo. I suspect photographers are taking advantage of the never ending supply of new runners who are willing to pay ridiculous prices for photos.
      I’d never subscribe to Runner’s World again as all the articles are recycled on an annual cycle. There are also far too many adverts and I find the contents too geared up toward runners taking part in London.
      Thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to ask for a subscription to Like the Wind magazine for Christmas.


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