Juneathon Day 22: the one with a spot of parkrun volunteering and Hidden Heights tour

I’m writing this while suffering from a spot of DOMS. I’m not sure of the cause; it could have been running past some cows at a slightly ambitious pace, it could have been walking up a lot of stairs. I must remember to keep moving today.

So, what did I get up to yesterday? My Saturday started with an attempt at running (with walk breaks) to the start of Sutton Park parkrun. I’d volunteered to marshal so had to be at the start by 08:30. After a slightly warmer than I’m used to run, I reached the start with plenty of time to spare. Does anyone else always overestimate how much time they need to get somewhere?

I was positioned at the first marshalling spot. This was great as I got to walk back to the finish once everyone had come past me. I spent a good hour at the finish congratulating runners and generally trying to support people as they finished. Sutton Park parkrun is challenging and I know I appreciated the support when I finished. I somehow found myself volunteering for finish tokens next Saturday and time keeping *gulp* the following Saturday.

I rewarded myself with an ice cream on my walk back home.

I got home, drank a couple of pints of water in an attempt to rehydrate myself, and then headed to bed for a quick nap.

I woke up at 13:45 feeling totally disorientated. Like where on earth was i!? I just about had time for a quick shower and something to eat before I caught a train into Lichfield. I made the start of the Lichfield Cathedral Hidden Heights tour I’d booked with 10 minutes to spare.

The Hidden Heights tour was amazing and well worth the £8 I paid. I was the only person not carrying a professional-looking camera and felt a little out of place with my iPhone. We got to explore parts of Lichfield Cathedral that are generally closed off to the public. The views across Lichfield were amazing; my photos don’t do it justice. The tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable, and I ended the tour knowing a lot more about the history of the Cathedral and of Lichfield.

I’m definitely going to keep a look out for similar tours. Now that I’m back in Four Oaks, I want to get to know more about my home city. I mean I haven’t even stepped inside the Library of Birmingham. Apparently the views from the top are amazing.

What was left of Saturday was more chilled out. I got back from Lichfield and found myself trying to follow the tennis and cricket at the same time. Not easy. I made myself something to eat, updated my ‘things to do list’ and headed to bed at a sensible time.

I must have needed the sleep as I didn’t wake up until 08:00. I feel a lot better now.

Random photos from Day 22

These aren’t very random…the first few photos were taken on the way to and before the start of yesterdays parkrun.

The rest of the photos were taken during the Lichfield Cathedral Hidden Heights tour. I enjoyed the tour so much I’ve just booked a place on a hidden library tour.

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 22

I’m going to have a go at making some protein banana bread later.

I’m no Delia Smith so my attempts may well end in disaster and possibly food poisoning.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 19.07 km

Have you ever handed out tokens at parkrun? If anyone has any hints and tips please share them. I’ve got visions of tokens getting dropped.

If you could visit one place that is usually closed to the general public, where would you go? This is going to sound a bit random, but I’d love to spend a few hours inside the signal box at Birmingham New Street station. I’ve heard rumours that long distance trains get priority over local services, I’d love to know if this is true.


2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 22: the one with a spot of parkrun volunteering and Hidden Heights tour

  1. Maria @ Maria Runs says:

    Token sorting is one of the few jobs I’ve never done- but I see people at my local one taking them in lots of 10 or so. Hopefully there is someone on token support to check that your number matches to the time keepers number.


    • Emma says:

      I’ve been given some great hints and tips by people on the parkrun thread on Fetcheveryone. If I have someone helping me it will be fine. I guess I may actually be the person supporting the main hander outer of tokens, I’ve no idea. If I keep calm and don’t have a clumsy moment, I should be fine. I’ve been told to look out for funnel duckers and to make sure the tokens are given out in the correct order. Apparently it is easy to take them from the ‘wrong’ end of the pile. At least the weather looks good :o)


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