Back to Basics: Week 4 Attempt 1 Recap

Unfortunately week 4 (attempt 1) of my “Back to Basics” 10k training plan will have to be renamed “lurgy week”

As I sit making a start on this blog entry on Friday night (yes I am *that* sad) I’m thinking of the positives of not running. My calf muscles now feel great and I’m looking forward to getting back outside pounding the pavements.

Monday: 30 minutes jog and cross training

Although due to the lurgy I didn’t manage the 30 minutes jog, I did manage to complete my favourite Tribesports legs and abs mini circuit.

I felt shattered when I had finished the circuit, stupid lurgy.

Tuesday: Rest

Yet again I nailed this session and spent the entire day sat writing the final chapter of my PhD thesis and resting. A++++

Wednesday: Complete a 5km run (timed)

I felt so tired I doubt that I’d have managed a 5km walk. I did however, manage to walk the 10 minutes to my local hairdressers for a much needed hair cut. An hour later and my polite request to “be able to tie my hair back when I’m running” failed again.

Can anyone recommend some good hairbands that (1) don’t slip, (2) don’t cause headaches and (3) don’t cost a fortune?

Thursday: 30 minutes jog and cross training

Yet again no jogging but an attempt at some cross training. I decided it was time to be reunited with Jillian Michaels and my 30 Day Shred DVD. A video of Level 1 is available here. Needless to say I had forgotten how challenging Level 1 is. I should have jumped straight to Level 2 which for some reason I find easier. I won’t share my post-workout selfie as I don’t want to lose any more followers.

Friday: 15 minutes run

Rather than attempting a run I headed out for a lunchtime stroll and tested out the RunKeeper App. Why didn’t anyone warn me that it provides a running commentary? I had a nasty surprise when I heard a strange voice coming from my jeans. RunKeeper seemed pretty accurate and estimated that I walked 2.6 miles. I was pretty gutted when it started to rain while I was walking, I love running in the rain!


Saturday: Rest

More rest. I thought about going to my local parkrun but half a bottle of red wine meant that I didn’t wake until 8:30.  After feeling shattered after doing some vacuuming I knew that not going running was the correct decision.  This lack of energy in combination with looking at Week 5 made me reach the decision to repeat Week 4 of my “Back to Basics” training schedule. When I started I ensured that I had the Lichfield 10km as a backup target race. The Lichfield 10km has replaced the City of Birmingham 10km as my target race.

Sunday: Cross Training

Before lunch I managed to survive Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred although I was more Anita than Natalie. I guess that I’m not fit enough to be classed as a “bad ass” girl at the moment.

Highlights of Week 4:

  1. Coping with not being able to run, a few years ago I would have found having the lurgy really stressful.
  2. The fact that feeling unwell enabled me to rest my calf muscles and niggly right foot. A win win situation!
  3. Not having a washing mountain at the end of the week. Less running equals less washing.
  4. Having more time to plan my #NoDietCoke30 (more on this later) and to write my nuun review.
  5. Tracking down potential yoga classes in Birmingham.

Lessons Learned From Week 4:

  1. Being unwell isn’t the end of the world, at least I’m not injured.
  2. When Plan A fails it’s useful to have a Plan B, C and even Plan D to fall back on.
  3. There is little point in comparing my training with what other people are doing.
  4. Birmingham has more gyms/classes than I realised.
  5. Junk food in = feeling like junk.

Roll on Bank Holiday Monday and the start of Week 4 attempt number 2!


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