Some people are addicted to cigarettes or alcohol and some people are addicted to exercising. I’m unfortunately addicted to Diet Coke. Although I start each day with a cup of tea, I’ve usually opened my first can of Diet Coke before 10 am. As an absolute minimum I’ll have another can during lunch and a couple of cans before and after my evening meal. When I go to the supermarket I head straight to the Soft Drinks aisle. When Diet Coke is on offer (seemingly 100% of the time) I’ll return with numerous cans.

What do they put in the Diet Coke to make it so moreish!? I’d love to know.


Source: Telegraph Newspaper

My Diet Coke addiction has never been a secret. When I left my job at the Environment Agency one of my leaving gifts was a huge crate of Diet Coke. Yesterday a friend posted this link 25 Signs You’re Addicted to Diet Coke to my Facebook page. After reading the article I realised that I could directly relate to 19 out of the 25 signs, not great!

A quick search of the Internet showed that I am not alone and that loads of people are addicted to Diet Coke. I could have written this Confessions of a Diet Coke addict article myself. This My Diet Coke addiction had to end article made me realise that it could be possible to finally give up Diet Coke once and for all. Finally, this Get the Gloss feature has provided me with the kick up the arse that I so badly needed.

I did some research and discovered that drinking can after can of Diet Coke is far from ideal. This pic I tracked down seems to summarise the main issues pretty well…


Source: Caroline J Hingory

Not drinking Diet Coke will be a massive challenge as I am an addict. A couple of years ago I managed to stay away from Diet Coke for over six months. If I’ve done it once then I’m positive that I can do it again!

I’ve decided that on Monday September 1st I’ll be starting what I’m calling a #NoDietCoke30 and I’ll be documenting my progress on this blog.

If anyone has any tips for breaking a Diet Coke obsession/addiction then please feel free to share them with me. Wish me luck, I’ll definitely need it!


5 thoughts on “#NoDietCoke30

  1. tinyrunner85 says:

    I’m afraid I’ve no advice to give as I’ve never been a fan of fizzy drinks. The bubbles hurt my nose – true story. Best suggestion I can think of is perhaps have a tasty alternative, such as a low sugar cordial or similar? Best of luck for your challenge, hopefully it will get easier after the first few days 🙂


    • phdrunner says:

      Thanks for supporting my Diet Coke challenge. I wish that I hated fizzy drinks! I’ve decided to stick to drinking chilled bottled water to start with. Some of the low sugar drinks seem to contain some unhealthy looking ingredients.


    • phdrunner says:

      Thanks for the support! I really want to stop drinking Diet Coke so hopefully I’ll be able to break the habit this time. I suspect that I’ll be difficult to live with next week!


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