The Great Debate

When I first started running I never imagined that my hobby would enable me to appear in a running magazine. Earlier this year I spotted a tweet asking for volunteers to participate in a Women’s Running magazine Great Debate.

I’ve always loved running and I enjoy talking about running so it took me less than 0.00001 seconds to respond to the tweet. A few weeks and emails later I found myself nervously loitering outside a pub near Warren Street.

There was no need to feel nervous… everyone was really, really friendly and we had a great time debating “Can you be too old, fat or unfit to run?” We were provided with nibbles and drinks and it’s true, time really does fly when you are having fun!

The Great Debate featured in the September issue of Women’s Running magazine. As one of the least photogenic people on the planet, I was really impressed when I saw the group photo.photoIf you have the time to participate in a Women’s Running Magazine Great Debate then do it!! I can guarantee that it will be fun! As an added bonus we were sent some Brooks running gear for participating.

Thanks to Women’s Running Magazine for organising the Great Debate and to Katherine, Lisanne, Emma and Sen for making the Debate such an enjoyable experience.


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