Back to Basics: Week 4 Attempt 2 Recap

This week I attempted Week 4 of my ‘Back to Basics’ training plan for the second time. I only managed to complete two runs and some cross training and yoga sessions, so I’m not sure my second attempt was very successful.

As I sit writing this blog I appear to have a new running injury (it’s too painful to be classified as a niggle). My right foot is fine and my calf muscles feel great, however, since Tuesday the top of my left foot has been really painful. When I walk my left foot hurts. When I try to wiggle my toes (as you do!) my left foot hurts.

I’m trying to stay positive but when a completely new injury appears from nowhere it’s difficult! My Lichfield 10k number has arrived (along with email instructions for collecting my City of Birmingham Run number) so hopefully the injury in my left foot will settle down. I’m seeing my GP who is a very good runner in the morning so I might ask her for some advice.

Monday: 30 minutes jog and cross training

I didn’t complete the 30 minutes jog but I did manage to complete my favourite Tribesports mini circuit a couple of times.minicircuitI work on the theory that some training is better than no training. I have also reached the point that I won’t go running when I’m feeling less than 100%.

Tuesday: Rest

I’ve always believed that rest days are the most important part of any training schedule. At the same time I broke my foot by overtraining I also managed to break my “I must run every day” addiction.

Wednesday: Complete a 5km run (timed)

I actually completed this training session! Although my train was really late arriving into London, I fitted in a 5km treadmill run before my meeting. The university gym was boiling, I was the only female in there and the only person not lifting weights.  Due to extreme boredom I nearly aborted my run after 20 minutes but I managed to reach 5km. Running staring at a wall really isn’t very inspiring.

Time 32:22 minutes: Distance 5.00km Pace 06:28/km

Thursday: 30 minutes jog and cross training

As my left foot was feeling really sore after Wednesday’s 5km I decided to give the 30 minutes jog a miss. What on earth is the difference between a jog and a run anyway? On Thursday I also discovered Sweaty Betty’s free online workout videos and attempted the Yoga for Runners workout. Sweaty Betty have uploaded loads of useful videos on YouTube, go and have a look! As a student I love the videos as they are free!

Friday: 15 minutes run

Although I didn’t manage possibly the easiest training session in Week 4 a 15 minutes run, I did head out for a long lunchtime walk. The top of my left foot was still quite sore so I think that for once I made the right decision.

Saturday: Rest

Yet again I nailed this session!

Sunday: Cross Training

Feeling slightly guilty about the lack of running, I decided to head out for a Sunday morning run. During the first couple of minutes my left foot was pretty painful and I considered heading back home. After a couple of minutes the pain in my foot subsided a little so I continued. There may unfortunately have been a few walking breaks (mainly on the uphill sections) but I managed to run for most of the 30 minutes.

After struggling to run for only 30 minutes, I’m not sure how the 40 minute run will go tomorrow!? Think positive thoughts Emma!

Time 30 minutes: Distance 4.71km Pace 06:23/km

Highlights of Week 4:

  1. For the second week coping with not being able to complete all of my scheduled training sessions.
  2. Dealing with a new injury problem, a few years ago a new injury would have triggered my depression.
  3. Tracking down the free Sweaty Betty Yoga for Runners video.
  4. My number arriving for my target event the Lichfield 10k, having a number makes it all real!
  5. Blogging about my #NoDietCoke30 and receiving loads of helpful tips for alternatives to Diet Coke on Fetcheveryone, the majority of runners are so supportive.

Lessons Learned from Week 4:

  1. I need to stop comparing myself with other runners (again!). So what if Runner X can run Y more miles than I can.
  2. Weight loss is apparently (estimates vary) 20% exercise and 80% diet. Until I work on both aspects of this I’m not going to lose weight.
  3. You are what you eat so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake (I love this!).
  4. Running outside is 1000000x more enjoyable than running on a dreadmill treadmill.
  5. Running with others is more enjoyable than running alone. I can’t wait to be fit enough to attend running club training sessions.

Tomorrow I start Week 5 of the training schedule *gulp* with a 40 minute run. Tomorrow also marks the start of my #NoDietCoke30 challenge. Bring. It. On!


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