Overcoming my Fears

A couple of weeks ago I was given the all clear to start running again. The Consultant told me to start slowly, and to ensure that I gradually increased my mileage. There was to be no getting carried away this time. I decided that I would pretend I was completely new to running (with a lot of running kit!).

I did some internet research and concluded that the Couch to 5K plan would be ideal.

Last Sunday I prepared my training schedule and laid out my running kit. I decided that running tights rather than shorts would be required as the C25K plan incorporates a lot of walking. Yes I have turned into a Southern Softie! As the first C25K training session approached on Monday I started to feel increasingly nervous:

“Will the bone inside my foot break as soon as I start to run?”

“Will I remember how to run?”

“Will my foot hurt when I have completed the training session?”

There were far too many negative thoughts floating around inside my head.

I pulled on my running gear and trainers and waited for my Garmin to spring into like. Ten minutes and two wee stops later my Garmin decided to work.

So what was the first C25K training session like? I started with the recommended five-minute walk to warm-up and then started to run. 25 minutes later and I had completed my first training session since the beginning of September. I can call myself a runner again!!

After the second training session on Wednesday I felt brave enough to share my return to running on twitter.

Thank-you for all of the online/virtual support. The running community really is awesome!

I had not realised how much I had missed running. For a multitude of reasons the process of completing my PhD thesis has been really stressful; during my training sessions I have managed to temporarily forget about my thesis.

I have now completed the first week of the C25K, and as I sit writing this blog entry my left foot is feeling 99.9 per cent pain free. Although spending the majority of each training session walking is a novel experience, I have concluded that there are some benefits to walking.

  • I can incorporate the ‘Hill of Doom’ into the five-minute walk I complete before I attempt to run. I am more than a bit shit at running up hills at the moment so this is a massive bonus.
  • I have found money while I have been walking. People in Four Oaks seem to throw their money away; I found a pound coin on Wednesday and a five pound note this morning.
  • I have been able to appreciate my surroundings more
  • I have been able to take some photos of my favourite running routes.


Tomorrow morning will see me progress to Week Two of the C25K plan. The duration of the running repetitions will increase from 1 to 1.5 minutes, and the duration of the walking repetitions from 1.5 to 2 minutes.



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