April achievements & May ambitions

April Achievements

I’ve decided to make my monthly achievements and short-term aims and ambitions public. Hopefully this will help to motivate me. Since the middle of April I feel like I’ve been sat on my arse not doing anything useful. It’s time for me to get my act together.

Life I promise that I’ll shut up about this now, but on April 9th I passed my PhD viva.

I passed my PhD Viva 🙂

I actually really, really enjoyed my Viva. I was well prepared and I loved discussing my research, the three hours felt like three minutes. I doubt that I’ll ever have such a captive audience in the future 😉

After numerous trips to libraries across the UK, reading and digesting the contents of more than 500 academic papers, writing and rewriting sections of my thesis dozens of times, and finally, after a lot of stress and tears, my PhD journey is almost over. At the moment I’m not sure how I feel about this.

My academic career isn’t over just yet. I recently discovered that the abstract I submitted in March has been accepted for an oral presentation at a conference in August. The British Hydrological Society has very kindly awarded me a travel grant. This grant will enable me to travel to La Crosse to present my research 🙂

Running Unfortunately, my foot niggle made an unwelcome return at the start of March. By the end of March my foot had settled down and I decided to repeat the final few weeks of the C25K. My running was progressing well and I was starting to feel like a runner again until I caught the dreaded train lurgy. Training Log

This meant that in April I only completed 7 runs totalling a not so impressive 17 miles. I also played tennis a few times and one evening I walked for 13.1 miles.

May will be better!

May Aims & Ambitions

Life At the beginning of May I gracefully (?) move into the F36 category #oldfart. On my birthday my aim is to avoid feeling like I am a disappointment to my family. I’m far too good at focusing on and dwelling on what I perceive as negatives.

I will focus on the numerous positives in my life!

At some point in May I will receive the report back from the external examiners. I want to get the corrections that they recommended made and my thesis completed, printed and bound. I also want to complete a couple of papers that I’ve been working on sporadically.

The main aim for May is to work on my academic and non-academic CVs and to search for and apply for jobs. I need to be brave and to start sending in some job applications.

Running I’m praying that my foot finally starts to behave itself. I want to complete the C25K and I also have some races planned. My main running related ambition is to…

I will enjoy running again 🙂

Due to experiencing a severe case of #FOMO, I entered three races in May. My May calendar contains a new addition to the West Midlands running calendar; the Birmingham Fun Run, the Hill West Schools 10K (perhaps slightly too ambitious) and finally, my favourite race, the Great Midlands Fun Run.DSCF0813

Although at 8.5 miles long the Great Midlands Fun Run is clearly a case of too much distance and too many hills too soon, I have completed every event since it started in 2003 and want to continue my slightly obsessive streak.

I will run the Great Midlands Fun Run with a smile on my face

So hopefully if everything goes to plan in May, I will collect my first three medals of 2015 #medaldrought.

I will have less to complain about* and more to blog about

*I can’t guarantee that the actions of a certain major sports brand won’t trigger a moany blog.


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