Juneathon Day 8

As the Juneathon challenge reaches a second week I’m losing the will to blog. I’m also losing a shed load of twitter followers; I suspect the dull Juneathon tweets are irritating the pants off people. I thought that people taking part in the challenge would be slightly more ‘active’ on social media. Following a flurry of tweets on days 1 and 2 I haven’t seen much Juneathon twitter activity. Although the occasional selected Juneathon blog post will get shared by the official Juneathon twitter account, most don’t seem to.

Where are you all hiding away?

Day 8 of Juneathon saw me visiting my doctor at 8am to discuss the sudden increase I’ve experienced in headaches and migraines. Rather than driving, in the spirit of Juneathon and because it was a sunny morning, I walked the mile or so to the surgery.

During my consultation the doctor checked my blood pressure which turned out to be too high for someone who is relatively active. I’ve been known to struggle with white coat hypertension so was instructed to monitor my blood pressure at home for a couple of months. I’d better attempt to book an appointment for August now.

The raised blood pressure reading got me thinking about my diet and lifestyle. I’m 36 now and need to take better care of myself. Although I eat a relatively balanced diet and rarely drink alcohol, I know that I don’t drink enough water. I also rarely eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

There is definitely room for improvement.

My afternoon was spent performing some data assessments for the paper I’m currently working on. As I’ve been getting some really interesting but slightly unexpected results I wanted to recheck my work. My evening was spent doing some admin work for the tennis tournament I’m helping to organise. Unfortunately this will be the last time I offer my services as a volunteer. I’ve given my time and expertise for nothing for more than 10 years; it’s time for someone else to have a go.


Hopefully day 9 of Juneathon will see some more running action.


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