Juneathon Day 12

When I woke up I discovered that my right foot was still quite sore so I gave running a miss. The days of me running in pain are long gone, I think it’s called getting slightly older, more sensible, and developing some common sense.

I didn’t want to do bugger all in the way of sweat-inducing exercise for a second day so I decided to have a go at this 6 week six-pack abs workout. I know that I won’t get a six-pack, but I need to work on my core. After 40 minutes I was sweating and my right foot was feeling more painful. Arse!

Now what do runners do when they are both broken and broke? They shop for new trainers online (I suspect that I might be the only person who does this).

My search for women’s Brooks Adrenaline GTS trainers in a UK 9 (my feet are boats) discovered prices ranging from between £76.99 and £110.00. At those prices I’ll be stuck with what I’ve got for some time.

I would love to know how much it actually costs to make a pair of trainers. Actually I probably don’t want to know, but I’m concerned that at some point in the near future I won’t be able to afford to run.

I’ll end this slightly negative post with a link to my favourite ever running related advertising campaign from 1990/2000. I doubt that Nike et al. will ever beat this.

treeSource ‘Runners. Yeah, we’re different’ Adidas advertising campaign 1999/2000.


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