Juneathon Day 21

I actually went for a run!!!

Although, due a lack of transport, I didn’t take part in the Shenstone Fun Run as originally planned, I did manage to complete another 6k run-walk-run around Four Oaks. I successfully conquered one of my nemesis hills, and only stopped when I got to 6k because I *really* needed to go to the toilet.

When I uploaded my run on Strava, Fetcheverone and The Running Bug (perhaps it’s time to pick just one site*) I discovered that although I thought that I had put in more effort, the run was actually slower than last week’s run. I’m never satisfied!

After a lazy Sunday/migraine prevention snooze during the afternoon, I headed out for a two mile stroll. I quickly discovered that I find running up hills far easier than walking up the same hills. I also noticed that my ever temperamental left foot felt quite sore.

I also spotted a couple of interesting articles so I’m sharing them here padding out this post:

Oldest annual city marathons running in the World  An interesting article featuring the Great Manchester Run, an event I’m determined to run in 2016/2017.

Running on Hard Roads ‘brutal’ for joggers’ bodies  Although I hate the term “jogger” with a passion, the article is imformative and well worth reading. At the moment the vast majority of my runs are on pavements/roads. After suffering a stress fracture in my foot last summer, I should really make more effort to avoid running on hard surfaces.

*I would recommend Strava for running statistics and for tracking your progress; Fetcheveryone for the support from other members of the Fetcheveryone community (Fetchies), the forums and race listings; and The Running Bug for the competitions.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance 30.06 km


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