Running goals for 2015: progress report

Last December I publicly shared my running goals for 2015. As it is now July, I’ve decided to write a midway(ish) through the year progress report.

A sub 30 minute 5k – I was confident that I would be able to achieve a sub 30 minute 5k in January/February.  If I did, then the goal for the rest of 2015 was to achieve a sub 25 minute 5k.

I am still trying to achieve a sub 30 minute 5k. The closest I have been to a sub 30 minute 5k was 30:17 at the beginning of May. Next time!

A sub 60 minute 10k – The first goal was to run a 10k in under an hour at the Fradley 10k in March. If I smashed my first goal, then I wanted a sub 55 minute 10k. Due to injury I didn’t run the Fradley 10k.

I am yet to run a 10k this year.

Complete a Half Marathon – Although I had entered the Lichfield Half Marathon, an injury prevented me from progressing past the second week of half marathon training.

I am confident that I will be able to complete my first half marathon this decade in October.

Conquer ‘Cardiac Hill’ – Located in Sutton Park, ‘Cardiac Hill’ is a bit of a personal running nemesis. Although I have run up ‘Cardiac Hill’ on numerous occasions, since 2012 I have failed to run up the hill without stopping.

Not yet attempted. I still have approximately six months to conquer Cardiac Hill!

Run with my Club – I wanted to attend more training sessions with my local running club.

Unfortunately a severe lack of cash prevented me from renewing my running club membership. I’m currently unattached.

Race more – Back in December I thought that this would probably be the most challenging goal. I wanted to complete 12 races.

So far in 2015 I have completed four races so there is plenty of time for me to smash this goal.

Run more consistently – I planned to take my running more seriously and to see what I could achieve. Injury permitting the goal was to run 2-3 times every week.

Although I’ve experienced a few injuries and niggles my running has definitely been more consistent so far in 2015.

Be healthier – I decided that I needed to eat more fruit and vegetables and to cut down the amount of ‘fast’ food I eat.

I’ve definitely achieved this goal.

Enjoy my running – Back in December I decided that I wanted to enjoy my running more.

I’ve definitely achieved this goal.

Volunteer more – I wanted to volunteer at a minimum of six events during 2015.

Although I am yet to volunteer at any running events, I have volunteered many, many hours of my spare time in the process of organising two tennis tournaments.

How are you progressing with your running goals for 2015? Yes you!


One thought on “Running goals for 2015: progress report

  1. Vic says:

    Good luck with the Cardiac Hill challenge, rather you than me. I have every confidence that you’ll get a sub 30 time at the next parkrun you complete!


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