Rants and raves #3

**Disclaimer: this post was written while the author was sat icing a heel injury. As always, all rants, raves and opinions represent my own views**

In a slight change to the format of my previous “rants and raves” posts, I’ll start the third instalment with three raves. I only have one subject to rant about.

This Girl Can

Back in February I wrote about the awesome #ThisGirlCan campaign. Since its launch, the award winning #ThisGirlCan campaign has got bigger and better.

I tracked down a poster advertising the #ThisGirlCan campaign on the London Underground, and on Friday, I was able to watch the latest advert while waiting for my train at Euston. On Saturday evening I finally spotted a #ThisGirlCan poster in Four Oaks.


Personally, I think that the highlight of the campaign to date has been the development and subsequent launch of the #ThisGirlCan app.

Like many others I follow on twitter, I recently discovered that my #ThisGirlCan poster had been selected to feature on advertising screens in a local shopping centre. Other running and fitness brands should take note!This Girl Can Flap

Juneathon 2015

I really, really enjoyed participating in the recent Juneathon 2015 challenge. Although I have no idea how many people completed the challenge, Juneathon introduced me to loads of runners and new (to me) running blogs. It got me running on a more regular basis, vital as I approach my half marathon training. Hopefully my inane Juneathon ramblings on here didn’t irritate too many people.

Summer of sport

It’s only July, and I have already spent far, far too many hours sat on my arse watching tennis, cricket, football, athletics, and countless other slightly random sports events on Sky. I suddenly want to watch *all* of the summery sports.

I bloody love the summer!

And now for the subject of my one and only rant, blogging.


Unfortunately, the last few months haven’t been that great from a blogging perspective. Although I’m probably committing a major blogging crime by sharing my opinions and some of my recent emails, I want people to see that blogging isn’t always a positive experience.

At times I’ve seriously considered abandoning this blog. My first slightly negative blogging experience involves a manufacturer of cartoon running and cycling gear. I’m not going to name them. Brand S tweeted as they were searching for new fitness bloggers. As per the instructions in the tweet, I emailed the PR contact. More than a month later I’m still waiting for a response to my email.

Although it’s obvious that my blog isn’t what Brand S were looking for, some form of email response would have been appreciated.

At the start of July I received the following email:Email 1Now as far as I’m aware there are no rules preventing a blogger from sharing a link to a product they are recommending in a product review. The link I had included in my blog post was still live, I checked.

I therefore asked for clarification as to why I had been asked to remove the link to Brand M from my blog:

Email 2Ouch!!

I’ve removed all references to Brand M and I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any more products from them in the future.


2 thoughts on “Rants and raves #3

  1. Helen says:

    Brand M were incredibly rude and should realise that without the positive recommendations of people like you, they won’t sell.

    I’m shocked by that email. Beyond rude. I could call them worse.


    • Emma says:

      Thanks for confirming my thoughts re. the rudeness of the PR contact working for Brand M!

      I was really, really tempted to name and shame the brand in question but I haven’t. Perhaps I should to warn other bloggers.

      Unfortunately both those emails have made me reluctant to post links to products that I’m recommending.


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