Spark and Gusto subscription box review

I enjoy receiving parcels in the post, and occasionally treat myself to surprise boxes from the Lucky Dip Club.  I love receiving and trying new products and brands, and think that the concept of subscription boxes is pretty awesome!  I was obviously really excited to get the opportunity to review one of the subscription boxes created by the team at Spark and Gusto.


What is Spark and Gusto?

Spark and Gusto is a new addition to the subscription box market, aimed at inspiring and motivating people to get active by providing a mix of good quality health, fitness and adventure inspired products.

“We’re called Spark & Gusto because we aim to provide the ideas and encouragement (that little spark), all you need to do is bring along the enthusiasm and energy (the gusto in this case)!

Each month we’ll send you a box filled with health, fitness and adventure inspired products to help you lead a healthier lifestyle and maybe inspire you to plan an adventure or two!

Alongside our healthy snacks and drinks, we also include accessories to inspire you to get out there and move!”

Although the Spark and Gusto monthly subscription boxes are a surprise, they will usually contain at least 10 products. These products will include a healthy drink, some healthy snacks, fitness supplement, accessories and possibly a magazine. As Spark and Gusto aim to avoid revealing the contents of their subscription boxes, I had no idea what the May box would include. I was intrigued!

What is included in May’s box?

When my Spark and Gusto box arrived I was really, really excited. I was also accused of buying more trainers by my mother! I think that it’s definitely worth noting that the box will not fit through your letterbox…


Upon opening the box, I spotted a sticker instructing me to ‘Do 25 squats & it’s all yours!’ The team at Spark and Gusto had also included a postcard saying hello and thanking me for the review. Thanks guys!

After completing 25 squats, I finally got to see the contents of the May subscription box. When I unfolded the tissue paper my eyes were drawn towards a slightly mysterious looking pink object!  Fortunately, the box contained a useful guide, thank-you Spark and Gusto! This guide provides information on each of the items included inside the subscription box and website links. Incidentally, the mysterious pink object is a reaction ball that can also be used as a massage ball.

So what was included in the Spark and Gusto May subscription box? I’ll start with the food and drink items.


As I have a nut allergy, I asked another runner to review the Chia Charge banana flapjack and the LoveRaw Cacao and Maca organic energy bar. I received really positive feedback on both products, and for the millionth time wished that I could eat whatever I wanted. The box also contained two HIGH5 energy gels and a packet of Sports Beans Energizing jelly beans. I’ve used HIGH5 energy gels before during my long runs and can vouch for their effectiveness. Unfortunately, as I’ve just completed a marathon, I wasn’t able to test out the energy beans. I have, however, been told by other runners that they provide a really effective alternative to energy gels. I can’t wait to try them myself later this summer. The box also contained a carton of Tåpped Birch Water, I’ll be drinking this after my next run, and a tube of 12 citrus fruit flavoured Nuun hydration tablets.

The May box also contained a HIGH5 run bottle, a Ronhill stretch arm pocket, a packet of BetterYou Magnesium flakes and the pink reaction ball I spotted when I first opened the box. As I don’t carry a water bottle when I run, I decided to see how I found carrying the HIGH5 run bottle on a warm lunchtime run. Although the HIGH5 run bottle was compact and easy to carry, I was constantly aware that I was carrying the run bottle, and won’t be using it again. I do, however, see loads of runners carrying bottles, so suspect other runners would use the run bottle. I used the Ronhill stretch arm pocket to carry my asthma inhaler and suspect that the arm pocket will get worn a lot this summer. I’ve decided to save the packet of BetterYou Magnesium flakes for after my half marathon, so have no idea how my overly sensitive feet will react to a foot soak.

And finally, my thoughts on the pink reaction ball. The reaction ball can be used to build core strength, speed and agility and can be used as a massage tool to target specific trigger points. Impressive!  As a tennis player I assumed I would be pretty good at reacting to the different rebounds of the ball. I was rubbish! Although I was slightly sceptical about the pink reaction ball to start with, after a week I can already see an improvement in my reflexes.


What are the subscription options and prices?

Now that I’ve briefly reviewed the contents of the Spark and Gusto May subscription box, I need to answer an important question:

How much do Spark and Gusto subscription boxes cost?

Subscription boxes can be quite expensive to have every month. I personally can’t afford to sign up to regular subscriptions at the moment. The option to buy a subscription box as a one-off is, therefore, a great idea. Next time I beat a personal best I’ll definitely be treating myself to a Spark and Gusto subscription box!

A monthly subscription costs £25 plus £4.50 P&P (tracked). A single box costs the same.

Spark and Gusto also produce special one-off boxes such as the Run Box for the slightly higher price of £35.

The Verdict

A concern that I have with subscription boxes is that the items included in the box aren’t worth the cost of the subscription. I quickly worked out the value of the May Spark and Gusto box using prices I found online, and found that the contents of the box are worth more than the subscription which is really reassuring. All in all, I would be more than happy to recommend Spark and Gusto subscription boxes to people interested in health and fitness. The May box contained a great range of products and introduced me to some brands I hadn’t come across before. Although I was unable to eat the flapjack and the energy bar, everything else in the box will definitely get used.

If you would like to find out more about Spark and Gusto and what they have to offer, please take a look at their website!

Have you ever subscribed to a monthly subscription box before?

What would your ideal subscription box contain?

**Full disclosure: I received the May Spark and Gusto subscription box for free in return for an honest review. I did not receive any payment for this review. As always, all opinions of the product are my own**


4 thoughts on “Spark and Gusto subscription box review

  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    I have looked at this sort of thing, but I always think I will end up with a load of bits I won’t use- like the bottle or arm pouch- and I would be better off buying the things I would use. I suppose they are good for finding new products if you’ve not heard of them before.


    • Emma says:

      I must admit that I was slightly concerned the box would be full of running accessories I already own and brands I’ve already tried. Luckily there were several new products, for example the pink reaction ball, and brands I hadn’t heard of. I suspect that these subscription boxes will be more popular with people who are new to running. After a lot of trial and error earlier this year I’ve already got a favourite brand and flavour of energy gel. I’m still looking for nut free energy bars! Most experienced runners I know already have their favourite brands and are quite reluctant to try alternatives. I also tend to buy what I need when I need it so could end up with loads of items I don’t need. It will be interesting to see what is contained within future subscription boxes.


  2. Vic says:

    Thanks for letting me review the flapjack and energy bars, they were pretty tasty! I think that this sort of subscription box could be a success. I believe that from looking at the contents of the May box, it might be something beginner runners are more likely to subscribe to. As an older and experienced runner I already own a hand bottle, have my own tried and tested favourite energy gels and have survived without using a magnesium foot soak. Just my thoughts!


    • Emma says:

      Thanks for eating the flapjack and energy bars! I also suspect that people who are new to running are more likely to subscribe to Spark and Gusto.


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