Rants and raves #26

**Disclaimer: I’m writing this post with an ice pack balanced on my right knee. A knee niggle I picked up during the Cathedral to Castle Run has prevented me from running for two weeks. As a result, I’m feeling more grumpy than usual. As always, all rants and raves and moans and groans represent my own views. Other, far less negative running and fitness blogs are available. I’m hoping that I can run again ASAP!**

Rave: The weather

I’m aware that not everyone appreciated the recent mini heat wave, but after what felt like several weeks of shitty weather, I decided to embrace the sun. After all, we may well have just experienced summer 2018!

Summer in April

I spent Thursday on a training course in Reading. Looking at the sunshine through windows that couldn’t be opened was pretty frustrating. To make matters worse, the Reading office is located minutes from the Thames Lido. Luckily, I managed to escape the office at a sensible time and mysteriously found myself drinking a pint outside a pub an hour later. I managed to spend a bit more time in the sunshine on Friday and during the weekend.

Fingers crossed summer makes another appearance soon.

Rant: My right knee

After an amazing (for me!) run at the Cathedral to Castle Run a couple of weeks ago, a knee niggle has meant I’ve been unable to run. During the steep downhill section of the run I was acutely aware that my right knee was slightly unhappy. I could hardly walk the day after the run. The 1.5 mile walk into the office was a nightmare. Although my knee is gradually getting better, it still niggles from time to time.

Knee ebib[Source]

I’ve treated myself to loads of new running kit recently and want to wear it! I’ve already decided not to risk attempting to run the Treehouse 10k in Cholsey on Sunday. Although this is frustrating, it means that I’ll be able to travel back home for the weekend before my birthday.

Rave: Marathon season

Isn’t technology great? Thanks to the wonders of modern technology my slightly temperamental computer, I was able to watch both of the Commonwealth Games marathons several hours after they took place. I was also able to watch the Boston Marathon while ‘working’ on a conference paper.

After what felt like the longest build-up to the race in history – this isn’t a criticism, I loved all the pre-marathon tweets, photos and Instagram stories – I spent Sunday morning watching the London Marathon. A tiny part of me wished I was taking part, then my knee niggled and reminded me I was injured! #FOMO

At least I managed to play Marathon Bingo…

Marathon bingo[Source]

…I think I managed to tick off most of these during the London Marathon BBC coverage.

Rant: Living in a shared house

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m too old to be living in a house with six other people. There’s nothing wrong with my housemates – well not with most of them – I just need my own space. After three months I’ve reached the stage where I resent paying £110 a week to live in a house with no living room, no working smoke alarms, a front door that is never locked and noisy housemates.

I’ve been checking SpareRoom for better options on a daily basis and have realised that my options are limited. I could spend £100 more a month to live above a funeral parlour in a tiny box next to a building site. No thanks!  Renting outside of Wallingford would be cheaper but I wouldn’t have access to shops. I’d also have to pay £6 a day to travel to and from the office.

There’s also the small matter of me not really enjoying my job much. Some mornings I dread going into the office. I really can’t see myself in my current job in six months time. At some point I’ll update this post.

Rave: Making the top 10

Enough moaning! Last week, I was over the moon to learn that this little corner of the internet had made it into Vuelio’s top 10 UK running blogs for the second year in a row.

I was asked to answer a few questions for a blogger spotlight and took to opportunity to name some of my favourite running blogs.

Blogger Spotlight

I’ve genuinely got no idea how I made it into the top 10 but I’m pretty sure it’s mainly down to you, the people who read my waffle. Thanks!

Rave: Wolverhampton Wanderers

I’ve got a bonus rave; Wolverhampton Wanderers. After several slightly disappointing seasons, I was thrilled when Wolves were guaranteed promotion back to the Premier League. Sealing the Championship title on Saturday was incredible. It’s just a shame it didn’t happen at home.Wolves

I think the highlight of the season was when Wolves somehow managed to beat Cardiff at the beginning of the month. I just hope watching Wolves in the Premier League isn’t as stressful as it was last time. Seeing Wolves get beaten on a weekly basis wasn’t much of fun!

Once again, if you’ve made it to the end of my latest rather random selection of rants and raves then thank-you. My next rants and raves post will hopefully be slightly more positive.

Do you enjoy running in hot weather? Much as I love the summer and warmer weather, I struggle to run well when it’s warm.

Do you have any shared house horror stories? If you do, I’d really love to hear them.


7 thoughts on “Rants and raves #26

  1. AnnaTheApple says:

    Ah yes, summer running. So tough. I’m really dreading it. I like a lie-in at the weekend but to beat the heat I don’t think i can afford that luxury…
    Luckily I’ve only shared a house with really good friends during university. We had a great relationship and compromised over things nicely. But we did have another girl who moved in and it was sadly a bit awkward because she really didn’t mesh well with the group and made things a bit tricky as we didn’t want to leave her out but at the same time you can’t force someone to get on with you.


    • Emma says:

      It’s so wet, windy and chilly today, the hot weather already feels like a distant memory. I used to get up really early to run before it got too warm and then would have a shower and go back to bed. Lazy but a great way of beating the heat. I’ve managed to resolve the noisy housemate and crap curtains issues by investing in some more effective earplugs and an eye mask. Not ideal but they seem to work. I’ve also stopped trying to be quiet as nobody else bothers.


    • Emma says:

      I got soaked walking into the office yesterday morning. Hopefully summer makes another appearance soon. It’s just a shame the hot weather ruined the London Marathon for so many people. I can’t wait for my knee injury to recover as I want to run after work.


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