The Donor Run: come and run in Birmingham to support organ donation

Like all bloggers, I receive loads of press releases. Although most are not directly relevant to my blog and get deleted, very occasionally a press release will grab my attention.

I was recently asked if I could promote an event I must confess I hadn’t heard of before; the Donor Run, which this year is taking place in Birmingham.

The Donor Run will form part of the 2018 Westfield Health British Transplant Games’ sporting programme which takes place in Birmingham from 2-5th August.

Westfield Health British Transplant Games North Lanarkshire 2017.

The Games are organised by charity Transplant Sport and will bring hundreds of transplant recipients together through sport to demonstrate the live-saving potential of organ donation.

Although most events at the Games are open only to transplant recipients, the Donor Run is open to everyone with the desire to raise maximum awareness for organ donation. The Donor Run takes place each year, and is open to all transplant recipients, donor families and the general public.

The Donor Run is set to bring transplant recipients together with their donors, family, friends and the general public with over 1300 participants already signed up to run either 3km or 5km on Saturday 4th August.

Organised by Transplant Sport, this year’s Donor Run is being supported by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. The run will take place on the University of Birmingham campus and will finish with a celebratory BBQ and Hog Roast for everyone.

More than 7,000 people in the UK are estimated to be waiting for an organ transplant, with three people dying each day while waiting to find a match.

James Neuberger, Chair of the British Transplant Games Local Organising Committee and Consultant Transplant Physician at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, wants as many people as possible to join the Donor Run and help raise awareness of organ donation.

He said: “The Donor Run is a fantastic opportunity for transplant recipients to celebrate their new lease of life with the people that helped them through a difficult time in their lives – family, friends and of course donors or their families.

“The Run has already been unbelievably popular this year but it’s not just for transplant recipients and their families. There is still plenty of time for people in and around Birmingham to join in the celebrations with some truly inspirational people. This is already going to be the biggest and best Transplant Games to date.”

The Donor Run will start at 6:30pm from The Vale, this year’s main accommodation area for the Games. Registration will be open from 5:30pm and costs £10 per person.

If I’m in Birmingham that weekend I’ll definitely be taking part in the Donor Run.

For more information or to sign up to the Donor Run, please visit or click.


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